The start of a new year is a great time to clear out the old and get organized. January is an ideal month to declutter your apartment, as you put away remaining holiday decor and begin to set your sights on the year ahead and the goals you wish to accomplish.

Decluttering an entire apartment can seem overwhelming, but if you take it room by room, it’s easily done over the course of a few weekends. Here are simple steps to help you get started on your own new year decluttering, so you can wake up to a clear, clean and clutter-free home in no time.

Start with your pantry, and toss expired or old dried goods. Once you’ve cleared out some space, take inventory of what you have and what you’ll actually use. Wipe down shelves, organize items by food type and consider consolidating cereals, rice and pastas into canisters to help you maximize your space.

Once you’ve tackled your pantry, you’ll want to start the same process over with your refrigerator and cleaning products under the sink. Finally, wrap up by taking inventory of your dishes and cutlery. Toss chipped, broken or old items that no longer serve their purpose. Donate anything you aren’t using.

Begin your bathroom declutter with your medicine cabinet. Toss expired or old medications, ointments, lotions and sunscreen. Comb through your makeup bag and get rid of gunky products or items you just don’t use.

Next, tackle your under sink storage and cleaning products by tossing anything expired or unusable. Finally, pull back your shower curtain and take inventory of your shampoos, conditioners and cleansers. If you’ve been collecting half-used bottles of hair and body products, consolidate and toss.

Linen Closet
If you’ve been storing numerous sets of sheets for years, now is a good time to stop. Choose one or two sets per bed to keep on hand, and donate or toss the rest. Apply this same rule for towels (one to two sets per bathroom is enough). Go through your extra blanket storage and keep only the blankets you’ve used in the last 2 years. Specialty items like baby blankets and keepsakes can be boxed up and stored separately in airtight containers under your bed to free up this space and keep it clear and accessible.

Begin in your closets, and go piece by piece through clothes, scarves, shoes and accessories. Place items you’ll be purging into one of three piles: donate, sell, toss. Next, tackle your bedside table and any bookshelves. Declutter drawers, and organize shelves and finish by wiping it all down and giving it that clutter-free shine.

Living Room
Side tables and coffee tables can become home to stacks of old magazines, books and papers. Go through these and recycle, toss or shred what you no longer need. Gather up remotes and electronic devices, wipe them down and pick up a tray or small basket to store these in. Go through bookshelves and eliminate items you aren’t using. Pick up bins to help you store loose items and maximize your space.