Pool season has arrived in Norfolk, VA, and just in time to cool us down during steamy, summer days. While the CDC considers pools to be low risk areas for spread of Covid 19, they do still come with risks that are important to be aware of.

Pools can be dangerous places for children and individuals who don’t how to swim. Consuming excessive alcohol while swimming is a risk factor for drowning, and can be doubly dangerous if alcohol is consumed while supervising inexperienced swimmers. To avoid injury or harm, be aware of the risk factors involved in choosing to visit the pool and take necessary steps to keep your family safe, all season long.

We wish you a bright, sunny season of swimming at our beautiful, community pool!

Supervise Children at All Times
When visiting the pool with children, be sure to have them supervised by yourself or someone trusted at all times. Young and inexperienced swimmers should never be in the pool alone, and even older children with more experience swimming need to be supervised in the water. Approximately 800 children drown each year, and usually because of unaccompanied or unsupervised time in water. Keep the little ones in your life safe, and always keep an eye on them when they swim.

Enroll Beginners in Swim Lessons
If your children, teens or adult loved ones are not strong or comfortable swimmers, enroll them in swimming lessons to help them learn lifesaving skills. Even learning drowning prevention techniques can help to save lives in an emergency, but knowing how to swim and swim well is especially important when living in a waterfront city like Norfolk, VA.

No Glass
Having a cold drink with you at the pool may be one of your favorite pastimes, but be sure it isn’t inside a glass container of any kind. No glass should ever enter the pool area at all. Your neighbors’ bare feet will thank you.

Avoid Alcohol & Swimming
While a cold cocktail can be refreshing when relaxing poolside, it’s best to abstain from drinking until you have finished swimming for the day. Also, if you are supervising other swimmers, wait and consume alcohol after your supervision time ends. Drink responsibly and safely.

Maintain Distance From Others
While the spread of Covid 19 has been dramatically reduced in our area, it’s important to continue to maintain distance from others and avoid crowding and horseplay at the pool. Not only will this help keep others safe while swimming, but it also respects the needs of your fellow neighbors.