Whether you’ve just moved into your new apartment or you simply want to update your design aesthetic, decorating your apartment is easier than ever. Peel-n-stick wallpaper, updates to lighting and new throw pillows and rugs can instantly transform your space, and all without damaging property.

When you think outside of the box, decorating can be a satisfying way to express your personal style at home. Here are 5 simple ways to give your apartment a fresh new look without breaking your bank account or the rules of your lease.

Make your mark on your living spaces with colorful textiles that can literally brighten every room in your apartment. Try layering plush, stylish rugs and adding in bright, cozy throw pillows and blankets to give your room a comfortable, home-y vibe. Change out your bedding and swap out your hand towels and bathmats to tie it all together.

Peel-N-Stick Wallpaper
Nowadays, you can brighten up empty walls or perk up small spaces with peel and stick wallpaper patterns. You can create contrast in your bedroom by covering the wall behind your bed, or using it for a colorful and stylish backsplash in your kitchen. Check with your property management first, and be sure you’ve chosen damage-free, peel and stick wallpaper to ensure you don’t have added expenses down the road.

Switching up the lighting in your rooms can make a huge difference in the overall aesthetic. Try switching out your light bulbs first, with either brighter or softer LED lighting. Add in table lamps or a floor lamp in your living room and bedroom. Strings of lights can create a magical effect in bedrooms, and kids love switching out their bulbs for colored versions.

Dress up plain windows by investing in colorful or sheer drapes that add dimension and texture to your rooms. Make a statement in your dining room and living room with stylish, bold patterns and designs. As a bonus, you’ll give your windows extra cover to keep the heat out in summer (and maybe even help lower your electric bill).

Storage Solutions
Clear out clutter and give your space a major refresh by investing in storage solutions that clear off your counters, coffee tables and shelves. Today’s storage solutions make it easy to free up space in every room in your apartment. We recommend visiting Ikea and investing in simple storage options like a magnetic knife strip, hanging closet organizers, hall trees and shelving with bins to hold small toys, tools or office supplies.