Let’s face it-life is too short to live without the closet space you need. Whether it’s storing your keepsakes and memorabilia or safely tucking away seasonal supplies and accessories, making the most of ample closet space is a special and all-too-important skill when you live in an apartment.

Even the most organized and tidy can find a good linen closet or bedroom closet to be a daunting task to tackle when first moving in. If you use simple strategies to take advantage of virtually every bit of clear space in your closets, you really can store your belongings properly and easily.

Turn your hall and bedroom closets into organized, go-to places for finding the items you need and the belongings that matter, with these simple closet storage ideas we love.


Before you tackle your storage space, tidy it first by decluttering and getting rid of what you no longer need or use. Whether it’s dated or old clothing and shoes that you haven’t worn in years, or boxes of old electronics, books or paperwork that no longer serves a purpose, if it’s taking up space in your closets, it’s time to let it go.

Double Your Space

Start your storage process by doubling up your space with convenient and easy-to-use extender rods. Not only are these affordable, but they work like magic, dividing up your hanging space and giving you double the rod space to hang your shirts, pants, dresses, skirts and more.

Shelf Dividers & Baskets

If you thought extender rods worked magic on your hanging space, watch what happens when you use dividers on top of your shelves and hang baskets underneath them. You’ll instantly tidy up sweaters, sweatshirts and purses, making the most use of your shelf space and making it easier than ever to get to the clothing and accessories you love. Need more space for your accessories? Hang an under shelf basket for belts, scarves, leggings, tights or any other items you can neatly tuck away.

Utilize Empty Space

Take advantage of every bit of empty space in your closets, and utilize your floor space by neatly stacking shoes in a multi-story shoe stacking rack. While you’re at it, use the back of the closet to store items you need to grab and go, like carry-on luggage, neck-ties and more.

Hooks, Hooks, Hooks

Hang hooks just about anywhere you can, including in the back of your closet, on the door of your closet and along the walls of your closet. Hooks will make it easy for you to jewelry, clothes, robes, belts, scarves and really anything you need to hang quickly. Hooks can take advantage of wasted space in a blink, and they’ll free you up to store items that don’t belong on a hanger or won’t fit neatly into a basket or drawer.

Deck Out Your Doors

Hang things on the inside of your door with hooks or with a simple closet organizer rack. You’ll give yourself additional accessories space, or find additional space to hang pants, jeans or other items that aren’t fitting neatly into your hanging rod space.