Over the last two years, we’ve been renovating and updating our community from top to bottom, and in 2019, we took those renovations to our beautiful community model. With this stylish renovation, we wanted prospective residents to walk through our model and get an immediate sense of their future apartment’s style, functionality and design possibilities.

Whether residents need to get a clear indication of how much closet space they’ll have to occupy or where they can set up their at-home cocktail bar or home office, we carefully redesigned our model to show you what’s possible and give you examples of ways to bring your own personal touch to your brand new apartment.

We know that you need to feel at home when you walk through a prospective apartment community, and that’s why we did our best to style and design our model to look and feel like a place you’d be happy to come home to, day after day.

Here is a list of renovations and updates made to our beautiful community model this year:

-Design theme updated to reflect bright and polished, mid-century modern style and decor.
-New cabinets, freshly painted in a stylish gray.
-New furnishings designed to highlight added space and functional flow.
-Added storage in the coat closet.
-A closet transformed into a wet bar for socializing and cocktail hour.
-Fresh artwork hung to bring out the natural light and clean atmosphere in rooms and hallways.

If you’re interested in scheduling a tour to visit our newly-updated community and walk through our lovingly redesigned model, don’t wait! Contact us, today.