Social distancing measures may have prevented you from enjoying some of the social aspects of spring that you look forward to, but it won’t keep you from tackling your seasonal, deep cleaning projects. In fact, giving your apartment a thorough, spring cleaning is a great way to rid your home of germs and put some of your pent up energy to productive use.

It’s possible that you’re spending more time at home now than ever before, and if your home life includes kids, pets and partners or spouses, they’re probably spending it with you. Allergy season is in full bloom, your pet may be shedding now more than usual and with kids at home all day, it’s likely there are messes in abundance.

Give your apartment a refreshing, deep clean and involve the whole family in the process. It’ll give every member of your household a fresh perspective and make it easier to tackle a new week of social distancing and working remotely.

Here are simple steps to help you tackle your spring cleaning with gusto, so you can make the most of this season at home.

Floors (Throughout)
Wipe Baseboards
Wash or Vacuum Floor Mats

Clean Stovetop
Clean Oven
Wipe Out Microwave
Wipe Out Refrigerator
Disinfect Dishwasher
Clean Out and Wipe Down Pantry
Wipe Down Countertops
Wipe Down Cabinets
Wipe Inside Cabinets
Scrub Sink
Defrost and Clean Out Freezer
Toss Old Dishrags
Clean Out Drain
Wash All Dish Rags and Towels

Living/Dining Area
Dust and Polish Furniture
Vacuum Beneath Cushions
Wash Throw Blankets
Wash Pillow Covers
Toss Old Magazines
Clean Ceiling Fans
Dust Blinds
Wash Curtains
Vacuum Rugs/Carpet
Dust and Wipe Down Lamps
Dust Electronics
Sanitize Remote Controls
Shampoo Carpets
Wipe Walls
Clean Windows

Toss Old Medications/Makeup/Personal Products
Clean Vanity
Clean Mirror
Clean Sink
Scrub Shower and Tub
Clean Showerhead
Replace Curtain Liner
Wash Curtain
Wash Bath Mats and Hand Towels
Clean Toilet
Clean Hardware
Scrub Grout

Wipe Down Walls
Clean Windows
Declutter and Organize Closets
Wash Bedding
Flip Mattress
Dust Blinds
Wash Curtains
Wipe Down Curtain Rods
Dust Ceiling Fans
Dust Lamps
Dust and Polish Furniture
Vacuum and Shampoo Rugs

Throughout the Apartment
Replace Smoke Alarm Batteries
Clean Air Vents and Registers
Clean Light Fixtures
Replace Light Bulbs
Sanitize Door Handles & Light Switches