Re-Decorate Your Apartment For Under $100

by | Aug 15, 2019 | News & Events

You don’t have to have an enormous budget set aside to make design changes to your home, or revamp your living space before a new season arrives. While you certainly can spend a hefty fortune re-doing even one room in your apartment, with creativity and strategy, you can bring a fresh look and new energy into your space for under $100.

Re-decorating your apartment shouldn’t have to gut your savings, and with simple changes and an eye for detail, it definitely won’t! If you’re ready to re-decorate on a budget, you will want to start by looking for design inspiration (you can do this for free on the internet or Pinterest) to give you a clear idea of the colors, styles and textures that appeal to you. Once you have a clear vision of what your overall style is, you can begin by working with what you already have.

The road to a re-decorated home isn’t as rough as you think. Gather your bargain hunting friends, search for accents and rearrange your existing stuff, and you’ll be well on your way to a brand new space at home. Here’s how to get started.

Work With What You Have
Before you spend even one penny, take inventory of your existing furnishings. Can you paint or re-upholster chairs, sand down side tables and put on a new finish, move a bookshelf from your bedroom into your living space or purchase new frames for old photographs and artwork you already own? Begin with what you have, and you may find yourself spending well under your budget and finding new appreciation for furnishings that once had you down.

Bargain Hunting
Nowadays, there’s almost nothing you can’t purchase used, and you may be able to bargain hunt without even leaving your front door. Check out Craigslist, the Marketplace on Facebook or other local sale sites in your area for a new coffee table, bookshelf, artwork, vases or even bed frames. If you don’t have luck there, visit your nearby thrift shop or Target for discounted home goods that are stylish and inexpensive. 

Accents Are Everything
If color and texture are what you need to revamp your space, start by shopping for bright and colorful accent pillows, throw blankets, curtains, drapes, picture frames, vases or other items that will pop in your home. Pick up a new quilt for your bed, consider replacing the rug and towels in your bathroom and grab a new tablecloth or mats for your dining room table and voila! You’ll have fresh change without spending all of your change!

Plant Power
When in doubt, fill your home with plants for added color, texture and cleaner air! A few beautiful, green plants placed properly can bring a drab room to life. Hang plants in front of large windows, place tall plants in corners and place flowers in vases throughout your home for inexpensive and instant improvement in your home’s overall look and feel.

Work Your Walls
Wall space is one of the most overlooked spaces when designing at home. You can make major changes to the rooms in your apartment by simply framing artwork or photographs you already have. Bargain hunt at Target or your local thrift shop for eclectic artwork that you can revamp with a newly purchased frame, and get to work hanging prints, patterns, photos and more on walls that once stood empty.