As if winter wasn’t already hard on kids who need to get outside and run, Covid 19 winter is proving to be even more challenging. With kids and parents doing school and work from home, cold and wet weather in the forecast and most indoor activities limited for safety, your little one may be bursting with pent-up energy to burn.

Finding the fun in the challenges of this last year can be difficult, but with a little imagination and creativity, you can all find ways to shake off the winter blues and pandemic fatigue and make the most of challenging times. If you and your kids are running low on ideas and fuel for fun, here are a few easy indoor activities to keep you all moving, stimulated and most importantly, having fun.

Make Slime
Making slime together is easy, inexpensive and fun! Glue, contact lens solution and baking soda are all you’ll need to get to get the slime party started. If you want to jazz it up and make it extra fun, grab glitter and food coloring, as well. We recommend using clear Elmer’s glue to begin. Combine a 6 oz. glue bottle with a ½ teaspoon baking soda and 2-3 tablespoons of contact lens solution and mix until it forms a slime glob. Add color or glitter as preferred.

Indoor Yoga for Kids
Kids need to move, even in a pandemic winter. If your kids are getting fidgety and grumpy, turn on a kids yoga program on YouTube, move the chairs out of the way and let them stretch and breathe it out. Cosmic Kids is a perfect program for younger kids, and both Alo Yoga and Manduka Yoga have classes designed for older kids.

Build a Book Nook & Cozy Corner
Kids love forts and small spaces they can cozy into and make their own. Help them build a book nook or cozy corner with blankets, pillows, a reading lamp, stuffed animals and books. Work together to design a fort-style hangout in a corner of your apartment, or give them a giant box and let them do it on their own. Stack books, coloring books and crafting materials nearby, so they can tuck in and get creative on their own terms. You won’t need a big budget or a lot of time for this one. The more imaginative, the better!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt
On days when everyone is feeling gloomy and bored, gather your family and organize an indoor scavenger hunt. Grown ups can hide the treasures on the first round, and kids can hide the treasures on the second round. You can make the hunt themed (think Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day), or leave it open-ended. Your kids will love seeking and hiding, and you’ll all get a kick out of a fun activity indoors together.

GoNoodle App
High energy kids who need to move can benefit from using the GoNoodle App to access tons of exercise, music and movement videos – all used by PE teachers around the country. You’ll love that they stay in constant motion, burning those wiggles off. Your kids will love the fun music, catchy themes and hilarious actors.