How To Save On Back-To-School Shopping

by | Aug 15, 2019 | News & Events

When August rolls around, the energy of a new school year begins. It’s exciting to see your kids moving up to a new grade and new challenges. After a long summer, you and your kids are probably ready to get back to their school year routine, but before they can begin, they’ll need to stock up on school supplies.

While your kids look forward to back-to-school shopping and picking up fresh supplies and new clothes, your bank account might not be as thrilled. School supply costs somehow seem to multiply each year, with the average family spending more than $600 on clothes, supplies and electronics to go back to school (WOW). 

Fortunately, there are ways to shop smart and save that can help to combat the cost of your kids’ supplies and keep your total shopping costs down. Here are a few tips on how to save while back-to-school shopping, so you and your kiddos can begin the school year with confidence.

Plan Ahead
Round up your kids’ supply lists, survey their closets and shoes and look forward to consider additional expenses that may come later (sports tryouts, extracurricular activities, etc.). Combine your total family needs in terms of supplies, clothing and electronics so that you know exactly what you need, and commit to not buying anything extra. Once you know what you’ll need, you’ll find it easier to set a realistic budget.

Shop Savings on Large Purchases
Once you know what your kids will need to get through the year, assess the list and highlight the big ticket items (new backpacks, computers, calculators, etc.). Search for coupons, online-only deals, clearance sales and rebate offers to help you purchase these items on discount. You’ll be able to find the most savings by shopping for deals on these larger, more expensive items from the beginning.

Shop Consignment Sales
If you don’t mind purchasing items gently used, then you’ll find you can really save big when purchasing clothing items on consignment. Pick up extra t shirts, pants, shorts and jackets for a fraction of the price, and consider consigning your kids’ clothes and earn some extra cash to put toward your budget while you’re at it.

Host a Back to School Swap
Invite other moms with same-aged kids to join you in a clothing swap, where you can trade toys, books, clothes and even gently used backpacks and supplies. The items will be new to your kids, and your entire group of friends will benefit.

Follow Your Favorite Stores Online
Sign up for your favorite stores’ email newsletters, and like them on social media to watch for flash sales and daily discounts. Often, most stores will begin offering discounts, free shipping and even tax-free sales throughout the month of August and September, so follow their messaging and take advantage of their deals!