Healthy Summer Snacks On The Go

by | Aug 15, 2019 | News & Events

Making healthy choices on the go can be a real challenge, especially in summer when the heat is on and you’ve got a full work, workout and social calendar. It can seem easier to reach for processed snacks or cruise through a nearby drive-thru rather than preparing wholesome, healthy foods to grab on the go.

You don’t have to surrender your health to stay on schedule this summer. In fact, we’ve got an arsenal of preferred summer snacks that make it easy to maintain quality nutrition throughout the season, while still moving at your usual pace. Making your own healthy snacks does take a little time and some preparation, but once you get into a routine, you’ll find yourself saving money and feeling better than ever.

Whether you’re jetting off to the beach, an outdoor festival, to work or to nearby parks with your favorite furry friend, you can easily prep and grab any of these healthy summer snacks as you go.

  1. No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bars. Believe it or not, these gooey, chocolatey granola bars are packed with healthy fats and protein and are as good for you as they taste (REALLY GOOD). You can make these ahead and grab them on the go throughout the week for an on-the-go breakfast, an afternoon pick-me-up or a perfect punch of protein after a hard workout. 
  2. Homemade Energy Snack Bar Recipe. These nutritious snack bars take less than 5 minutes to prep (win!) and cost half the amount you would pay buying energy bars from the store. All you need is a food processor and these 6 simple ingredients and presto! You’ll have a grab-n-go breakfast or perfect pre-workout snack on your hands that you can store and come back to all week long.
  3.  Baked Kale Chips. Okay, so we realize that kale chips may not sound like the ideal way to indulge in a crunchy, salty snack, but you may be surprised. Low in calories, but rich in flavor and texture (a perfect crunch), these kale chips are an excellent snack to bring to a pool party or to nibble on at work during the day when you want to push back on cravings. Bonus? You’ll be getting in your leafy greans and you won’t even know it!
  4. Super Easy Hummus. Skip out on the preservative-loaded store bought hummus and make this easy and delicious recipe yourself. You’ll save money and your belly, and have yourself a bowl of fresh, protein-packed hummus to spread onto wraps, dip carrots, cukes or tortilla chips into or dollap onto a salad. Hummus makes for a perfect snack at a party or gathering, and keeps for several days after making, so you’ll get your bang for your buck with this recipe.
  5. Banana Dippers. This 3 ingredient snack is about as easy as it gets, and all you need is a banana, peanut butter and some trail mix or granola. You can keep these ingredients at your desk for a quick afternoon snack, prep them for kids and family at a birthday party or make them for yourself after a long workout.
  6. Banana, Kale and Almond Milk Smoothie. Summer is the season for smoothies, and there’s nothing quite so refreshing as filling up on cool, icy goodness on a hot day. Throw some power into your smoothie with fresh kale, ripe banana and your favorite brand of almond milk, and you’ll be getting your nutrition and your hunger satisfied in one fell swoop.
  7. Whole Grain Bread with Almond Butter and Peaches. Seriously satisfying as a snack or as a light lunch when on-the-go, you can make good use of those in-season, ripe peaches with a high quality whole grain bread and your favorite almond butter in this easy recipe. Perfect for any time of day when hunger strikes, you’ll want to come back to this one all summer long.
  8. Protein Bites. Try yet another excellent no bake recipe with simple ingredients and almost no prep time and save money and your waistline, while you’re at it. Just four ingredients roll into these delightful bites that are ultra portable and store well.
  9. Baked Mozzarella Bites. An excellent snack for kids and cheese fanatics, these mozzarella bites pack a punch and will fill you up after a long workout or just a long day. A healthy alternative to fried mozzarella, your family will rave about the flavor and texture.
  10. Spicy Maple Cashew Popcorn. Prepare to wow your taste buds with this unexpected, protein-packed twist on your favorite popcorn snack. Healthy, zesty and a perfect snack to grab throughout the day, even your kids will love nibbling on these (but omit the ground pepper when preparing for kids).