Father’s Day Gift Ideas From The Heart

by | Aug 15, 2019 | News & Events

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for unique, heartwarming ways to celebrate the special dad in your life, you’re in good luck. This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of heartfelt words, a home-cooked meal, a day off from chores, time spent doing what he loves and all of your undivided attention.

After all, the special dad in your life probably does a lot to make your life better each and every day. Show him how much he matters, and give him a thoughtful gift made straight from the heart.

Here are a few of our favorite Father’s Day gift ideas to help you plan a day as special as the dad you love most.

Handwritten Notes
How long has it been since you’ve written the dad in your life a letter or note by hand? Take time to sit down and craft a heartwarming note for he who matters most, and tell him how much you care. While handwritten notes aren’t as splashy and fancy as a new grill or the latest technological gadget, they’re more meaningful and will be a keepsake your dad can treasure for years to come.

Make His Favorite Meal
If the way to your dad’s heart is through his stomach, we recommend taking the time to prepare his favorite meal, then sit down and enjoy it with him! Sharing a meal together is an easy way to connect and bond, but it’s even better when you’ve cooked the meal with your own two hands. That’s food prepared from the heart!

Do As He Does
Give the special dad in your life the day off from chores, responsibilities and more. You can send him off to a movie while you clean the car or empty the dishwasher, or ask him to choose a day of leisure while you mow his lawn, organize his sock drawer or tidy up his tool box.

Game Night Fun
Does your dad love games? Organize an old-school, family game night, and invite your entire family to participate. Gather up your dad’s favorite games, pick up snacks, drinks and maybe a tasty dessert, and you’ll be ready to go. All your dad has to do is show up and be ready to play!

Pack a Picnic 
If the dad in your life enjoys getting away, take him out for a short staycation on Father’s Day. Pack a picnic, picnic blanket and supplies and head out for an afternoon away from it all. We’re close to a number of parks and hiking trails, including several on the waterfront, which all make for perfect picnic conditions.