Choosing The Best Cat For Your Apartment

by | Aug 15, 2019 | News & Events

Cat people know that there’s nothing like a good cuddle from an occasionally aloof cat with a heavy purr engine going. Cats offer wonderful companionship and loyalty without a lot of the work that dogs and puppies require. Owning a cat won’t require you to take them out for long walks, and you’ll never have to worry about a barky or yappy dog upsetting upstairs or downstairs neighbors.

If you’ve decided it’s time to bring home a new cat or kitten to your apartment, you’ll want to consider which breed best fits your personality, lifestyle and space. Because cat hair does shed, you’ll want to consider which length works for you. Each cat has its own personality, but some breeds are more friendly than others. Certain breeds tend to sleep and snuggle more, while others stay playful and active well into their adult lives.

Before you head out to pick out your purrrr-fect cat, consider choosing a cat that is well suited to apartment living and your lifestyle. Here are a few we recommend!

Bombay cats are a beautiful, shiny black and have short hair that doesn’t shed as much as many other cats. They are also smaller in size, and are particularly playfun and fun to have around the house. Their charming personality and loyalty toward their owners makes them ideal for those who enjoy a more engaging personality, and their short hair is perfect for those who don’t want to be constantly covered in cat hair.

British Shorthair
British Shorthairs are also shorter haired cats that tend to be low maintenance and friendly. They are a bit more reserved than a Bombay cat, but they are affectionate and do love to be close to their owners without being too clingy. They are lower in energy, and may not be quite as playful as a Bombay, as well.

Ragdolls tend to be bigger cats with more hair to clean up, but they are calm, quiet and need little fussing over throughout the day. Ragdolls don’t mind being left alone, although they do stay loyal to their owners and love a good cuddle and scratch session. For those who don’t mind cat hair, these cats are easy to care for and easier to love.

Main Coon
Maine Coon cats are on the larger end of the spectrum, and they come with quite a good amount of hair. Their winning personality makes up for their fur and size, though, and main coon owners will tell you that these cats are some of the move lovable, social and relaxed cats you’ll find. Perfect for homes with kids that don’t mind shedding cat hair, main coon cats make for excellent apartment dwellers.

Are you a dog person who doesn’t have time for the added responsibilities of down ownership? A Siamese cat is probably your perfect pet. These cats are both beautiful to look at and friendly to play with. They are a clingier cat who likes to be with their owners whenever they are home, and they don’t like long stretches left home alone. They also tend to have a lot of energy and like to play whenever they can. In other words, you won’t have to walk them, but you will have to be willing to spend time playing with them, to keep them feeling happy and healthy.