5 Winter Activities In Norfolk

by | Aug 15, 2019 | News & Events

There are so many reasons we love calling Norfolk, VA home, from the beautiful, coastal lifestyle to the dynamic, thriving downtown arts and culture scene. In Norfolk, we’re equal parts sports buff, arts enthusiast, foodie and outdoors-people. We enjoy getting outside and exploring our natural landscapes as much as we do spending time indoors brushing up on new skills and experiencing fine art.

Living in Norfolk means you don’t have to give up your active lifestyle and hibernate inside alone every winter. Our temperate climate gives us a nice mix of cold and comfortably cool weather that makes it easy to bundle up and get outside, or tuck away indoors. Our prime location is just minutes away from family-friendly activities that will engage every member of your flock, no matter what types of entertainment you prefer.

This winter, stay engaged in your city’s exciting list of fun things to do, and take part in winter activities that will warm your soul and feed your inspiration….

Norfolk Botanical Gardens
We’re located just minutes from the serene, natural paradise that is the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, and since the gardens are open year round, anytime is a good time to visit. Filled with winter orchids, a spectacular rose garden and beautiful, blooming plants and flowers, the Botanical Garden will help to bring out your inner spring. They host exciting events throughout the winter months, like Fido and Bikes, where you can bike through the gardens or stroll through with your favorite four-legged friend.

Virginia Zoo
Spending too much time indoors is hard on everyone, especially kids. That’s why we’re thrilled to be less than 5 minutes away from the Virginia Zoo, and their fun-filled events designed to engage the entire family. Bundle up on winter weekends, and stroll the zoo for epic views of the Lions, Zebras, Tiger and Giraffes. Let the kids explore the petting zoo, and stop for a box of popcorn and a trinket from the gift shop on your way out. Your kids can run off the wiggles while you stand in awe of natural wildlife, just minutes from your front door.

Norfolk Public Libraries
Norfolk Public Libraries are responsible for some of the area’s most innovative and educational programming, and most of it is offered for free. During the cold weather months, take advantage of your nearby library’s outstanding selection of books, DVDs and educational exhibits, or sign up to take a Babygarten class, special techonology training, get help on homework, learn about local history or explore your family’s geneology. The library’s programming is designed to engage every member of your family, no matter what age, and with little cost to explore, you can’t lose.

Craft Beer Scene
Norfolk’s burgeoning craft beer scene has added an exciting and delicious new dimension to an already dynamic social scene. When the weather turns frigid, a tasty craft brew will probably help to warm you up, and with so many local options to choose from, you can head out and sample a new brewery each weekend! Start at O’Connor Brewery or Smartmouth and make your way to Bold Mariner or Coelacanth. You’ll enjoy making new friends who share your passion for good beer, while relaxing in a laid-back environment that supports local business. Win-win!

Chrysler Museum
Open Tuesday – Sunday and just a short drive from your front door, the Chrysler Museum is free to the public and features groundbreaking and inspiring art from around the world. When you need a cultural infusion, or just want to stimulate your creative brain, grab a friend or neighbor and walk the beautiful halls of one of Norfolk’s finest treasures. You can stop next door to the innovative and exciting glass studio for live glass performances (these usually run on a schedule, so check the website) or wander along the water at Norfolk’s Hague afterward for a little outdoor communion with the art of nature.