There’s so much to be thankful for when you call Norfolk, VA home, like living just minutes from the beach, spectacular shopping and dining and a short drive to hiking trails and nature’s finest landscapes. It’s easy to be grateful when you live somewhere that you love, and there’s now even one more reason to choose gratitude. According to research, it turns out that gratitude is actually good for your health.

Not only is gratitude a good practice for your mental health and daily perspective, it’s also good for your blood pressure, immunity and sleep. Studies are showing that those who are more grateful have better heart health and less inflammation, and as if that wasn’t enough reason to count your blessings, they also demonstrate less fatigue and depression.

November is the perfect time to develop a heart healthy gratitude practice that will leave you feeling thankful for your good fortune and another wonderful holiday season at home. From all of us at Archer’s Green, we thank you for choosing our community to call home. Here are 5 ways that gratitude is good for your health.

Heart Health
People who practice gratitude daily have overall better heart health, lower blood pressure, less inflammation and better heart rhythms. It stands to reason that if you want to take care of your heart, it’s a good idea to put it to good use by noticing all the good things working in your life regularly.

Better Sleep/Less Fatigue
Recent studies have found that people who are more grateful actually sleep better at night and wake up feeling more consistently rested. Since sleeplessness and insomnia can lead to fatigue, lowered immunity and a decrease in mental focus, its one of the most important ways to maintain your health.

Mood and Mental Health
Those who are grateful tend to feel more connected to themselves and their lives, and demonstrate a greater sense of happiness and well-being. Being thankful actually stimulates other positive feelings, including optimism and confidence, that in turn help to strengthen your relationship with yourself.

Immunity Boosting
Studies show that people who are grateful sleep better, feel better and battle disease better. Because gratitude leads to a more positive and confident outlook, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and has you sleeping better, it leads to a stronger immune system and greater calm during times of illness or injury.

Stress Reduction
When you choose to look at your life through somewhat rose colored glasses, it actually changes the way the world feels, especially with regard to stress. Research shows that being grateful reduces stress by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, which leads to a sense of calm and peacefulness. When stress goes down, relaxation and ease go up, and this promotes overall health, happiness and well-being.